Monday, September 17, 2012


The Wood Sisters

Musical presentations for youth and Relief Society Groups:

Presentations for Youth:

"Hastening the Work"

An interactive presentation which focuses on ways youth can contribute to family history,  missionary, and temple work.

"Living the Young Women Values"

Through messages and music, The Wood Sisters discuss how girls can "strive to live" the Young Women values in their every day lives.

(Coming Soon!)
"Lessons Learned From Our Founding Fathers"
A look at the inspired men who founded our nation, and how youth today can get involved in preserving freedoms.

Presentations for Women:

"Women of Faith"
A celebration of the Relief Society organization, focusing on the three main purposes of faith, family, and service, as well as an emphasis on living a Christ-centered life.

(Coming Soon!)
 "Motherhood: the Good, the Bad, and the Funny"
A musical celebration of love, heartache, laughter, tears, exhaustion, fear, triumph and JOY---otherwise known as Motherhood.
Bio (Youth):

Holly J. Wood is the author of the Invaluable series, written for LDS young women. Her sisters-
in-law, Kami, Julie and Jaclyn Wood are singers and songwriters who love to share their
uplifting music with others.
Over the past three years, The Wood Sisters have presented nearly one hundred firesides to
youth, Relief Society, and young adult groups. They are passionate about the gospel, and enjoy
sharing that message through music and their own personal life experiences.
*Feel free to use this Bio for an introduction.

Bio (RS Groups):
Holly, Kami, Julie, and Jaclyn Wood are four sisters-in-law who love sharing the Gospel through music and their own personal life experiences. With 15 kids between them, they are all busy moms who understand the joys and challenges that come with raising children, as well as the importance of having a Christ-centered home. They believe that the Relief Society is an inspired organization, and are eager to share that message with others through word and song.
*Feel free to use this Bio for an introduction.

To Schedule:
Call: 801.529.0772

Do you charge for your presentations?
No. When possible, gas money is appreciated but not necessary.
Do you do any kind of product promotion during your presentation?
No. Our only goal is to testify of gospel truths and uplift others through words and music.
How many firesides have you done?
Around 90+ over the past three years.
Can I get your bishops' information to clear you as out-of-stake speakers?
Yes. Please email me and I will forward the information to you.
What equipment do you need?
Typically all we need is a projector, screen, and microphone. Once we know what kind of setting we'll be presenting in, we can go into specifics.
Are you willing to travel?
We're always looking for an excuse to travel. ;) It's a case-by-case basis, so email me and we can discuss logistics.
How long is the presentation?
About an hour.

Feel free to use these blank templates to enter your ward/stake information for handouts or posters: